You can have the world…

…for only £591, oh and did I mention, you have to build it yourself?

There are lots of ads on TV at this time of year, selling us a new magazine containing something we can make or collect in weekly parts. The first issue is usually 99p, then the small print says the other 99 issues are at least a fiver. I once started buying a ‘make your own clothes’ series. I think I only reached issue 6 before I got bored and owned up to the fact that I hadn’t actually made any of them. I felt incentivised by it for at least 3 weeks though (and got a nice binder to keep them in).

They’re called partworks. I wanted to write about it because they make me laugh. The ‘build a model’ types have me screaming ‘Don’t be so stupid – have you added it up?’ and whilst I wonder how many people actually reach issue 100, it doesn’t matter. Research for this blog reveals it’s the fourth best-selling magazine sector so it’s a serious business. And for those that take their collecting seriously, there’s even a partworks model forum.

Ooh, I’ve just spotted a ‘build your own 3d printer’. That’d be cool. If I get them all, that’s £625. How much do actual 3d printers cost? Got to go…

Some links:  the world that inspired this blog


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