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photo of the week

I found Lee on Twitter (@lfpstreet) and went to to check out his work. I like it, particularly this one from his ‘colour street’ page.

I like that the only colour comes from the two tfl staff sitting ‘in’ the bus. Lee doesn’t use post production so what you see is what he shot. I asked him about this great catch and he said “The ‘bus etching’ shot was quite interesting as I had taken numerous photographs on the day I travelled out of Victoria and as many again on my return. The shots taken on my return were better with the positioning of the gentlemen more satisfying with a real perception of them being on a bus but in a cartoon-like way…and with the added bonus of them being TFL workers!”

Lee shoots mostly in black and white so there’s plenty more to see (including his Trip 35 shots) here:

photo of the week

Today I’ve chosen Phil Miller for my photo of the week. I really like the interesting atmospheres he creates with his collages. There are some more below. You can see more of his work on his website at or on his instagram philmiller_photos.





Sometimes we look but don’t see.

I hadn’t really been aware of street photography as a thing until I went to theprintspace’s September First Tuesday. The evening was a presentation by the Street Photography London collective. A talented bunch of photographers with different experiences and careers, who all share a love of capturing frames of interest they see on the streets.

I think I like it because its people watching, something I love to do. Everybody has a story to tell but in most cases, you don’t know what it is, so you make up your own stories about them. That’s what street photographers do – tell stories. It doesn’t matter if they’re true or not (or even if they’ve got people in).

All seven of the collective that presented had a good eye. Being in the right place at the right time isn’t enough. You look at some of the shots and think ‘ooh, that was lucky’ and maybe it was, but they had to be ‘seeing’ and be camera ready to catch it. It was an interesting evening and some good questions were asked (about permissions, equipment, process and morality) and some wise advice given (“Would you like it if it was taken of you? If not, don’t use it”).

There’s plenty of information out there about street photography so I’m not going to repeat it. I’d just like to share my favourite image from each of the seven photographers and leave you with a link to Street Photography London so you can find out more.

Nicholas Goodden - Walk the line -

Nicholas Goodden – Walk the line  Walk the line

Alan Schaller

Alan Schaller –


Gagan Sadana –


Justin Cliffe –


Kin Chan –


Sam Burton –


Walter Rothwell –

Thank you, Nicholas Goodden
Alan Schaller
Gagan Sadana
Justin Cliffe
Kin Chan
Sam Burton and
Walter Rothwell

photo of the week

© Walter Rothwell 2015

© Walter Rothwell 2015

This photo of the week is by Walter Rothwell.  He’s a member of the Street Photography London collective and I saw a presentation of their work at theprintspace on Tuesday. I’ll write more about that later but this is one of my favourites from Walter’s street photography panaramas, seen on his website.

I think his Hasselblad Xpan and love of shooting on film make his work stand out, but it’s more than that. He has an eye for a good shot and just recognises when a scene will be perfectly framed with the extra width of the Hasselblad or when his Nikon 28Ti will do the job too. Here are a few more to enjoy, or you can see more of his work at

© Walter Rothwell 2015

© Walter Rothwell 2015

© Walter Rothwell 2015

© Walter Rothwell 2015

© Walter Rothwell 2015

© Walter Rothwell 2015

© Walter Rothwell 2015

© Walter Rothwell 2015