The Suitcase



Here it is – the Suitcase mentioned in my previous post. My Dad says he’s had it since 1949 (those are his initials near the handle). The new (tape) hinges were added in 1995 and are holding out pretty well!

Below, you can see the contents. I was looking for a particular photo of my mum as a child, standing on a chair. We didn’t find it but I came home with an envelope of casualties that need some photoshop love.


the-suitcase-put-backI did say they weren’t in any particular order but they’re even worse now – I could barely fit them back in. Maybe we should have a ‘suitcase weekend’. We’ll pass a handful of photos to mum and dad, they write who, what and where it is on the back, then we’ll lay them out in groups all over the floor until the case is empty. Then we put them all back, in labelled envelopes. It would probably take all weekend!

Or maybe it’s more fun just the way it is!


2 thoughts on “The Suitcase

  1. stylechapel

    Wow, this is amazing, you did well to leave the suitcase there, think I would have taken it home with me! Is that you in the bottom photo, with long hair, looks so sweet! x

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  2. janlewiscreative Post author

    Hi! If only I had enough wall space to display them, stylechapel style! I put them back in random clumps but there are 4 of me in that shot. There are two at the bottom with my brother – one on our bikes and I think the other is a school photo. I was going to let you find the other two but I’ll tell you – there’s me as a bridesmaid with a short dark bob and one, of course, on a motorbike!



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