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Control and choice

I read a post on facebook today that asked people with websites to please make their links open in a new window. I was nodding in agreement until I read some of the comments. There was some interesting feedback suggesting this isn’t the correct thing to do.

Firstly, if the link opens in the same window, the reader can choose to open it in a new tab/window by right clicking. It’s an extra click but they have a choice.

Secondly, it is better for SEO not to send people away from your site.

Thirdly, if you send the reader off to a new tab/window, they can’t use the back button.

Apparently, the only time you should use a new window is where the reader is on a shopping basket page or when filling in a form and won’t want to lose their place. Or if the link is taking them to a file or attachment and not to another url.

You can read more about it in Smashing Magazine’s article. The comments under the post continue the debate as people argue the case back and forth. The article can be found by clicking the link below but, be warned, it will open in a new window because I’m still not convinced. Personally, I like a new window.

Should links open in new window?

Seems there are two types of web user – which are you? Vote with #samewindowortab or #newwindowortab

I wonder where this road goes…

I’m on an exciting journey.

I’m adding retouching to my Design Services but just knocking up an extra page on the website isn’t enough. Looking at how to share this exciting news is proving to be a fascinating journey.

I’ve been making any number of excuses not to share my retouching work because it’s new. I’m quite comfortable with design and art direction as I have lots of experience and lovely testimonials to back me up. In contrast, I only have one client who uses my retouching skills. She says I’m great and is behind me all the way and always encouraging me to get it out there but you don’t just wake up one morning, braver. Luckily, some perfectly timed podcasts have introduced me to some tools that are helping.

A friend told me about the Being Boss podcasts last year and I’ve been listening in for a while now. In one episode, they interviewed Brene Brown and she talked about being vulnerable and her book ‘Daring Greatly’. I don’t have a self-help section in my book case, nor do I have much time for reading, but I found it as an audio book and have been listening to it while I work. She makes some very good points about ‘being enough’ and owning it when you’re not, so I have started to Dare Greatly.

The other tool I found is a book called The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I got hold of a copy from 1995 but I think it’s timeless. I heard about it via The Jealous Curator. I love her weekly inspirational emails ‘Art for your inbox’ but this was from one of her artist interviews in her podcast ‘Art for your ear‘. Anyway, back to the book – I just started reading it without realising it’s a 12 week course with exercises. I’m only on week 2 and already have some new habits. My favourite is the morning brain dump or ‘morning pages’. Write three pages, long-hand, stream of consciousness, grammatically incorrect outpouring of whatever’s on your mind that nobody is ever going to see. You don’t even have to worry about your hand writing because even you are not supposed to re-read it. I’ve been throwing them away (which in itself I’m finding quite liberating!). I have already had some interesting new thoughts and have made notes on the side to keep so I’m fascinated to see where I am in 12 weeks.

So the journey continues. I have a portfolio to pull together, a website to realign and some social media channels to refocus. Watch this space. In a bit (how brave am I!).