The day I gatecrashed Art

I didn’t mean to. Well, I did, but I wasn’t entirely sure it was Art. It was a group of innocent looking people standing around above the Turbine Hall in the Tate Modern. They weren’t talking to each other. They were just standing, on their phones or reading, leaning on the railings by the stairs. They could all have been just waiting for other people, but the smallest clue was that they were all facing the same way. There was no door or exhibition entrance or anything to queue for, but I’m British – I know a queue when I see one, so I went and joined it (at the back, obviously)!

Turns out, they were performers so I hope I didn’t offend anybody by joining in (apparently one of them gave me ‘a look’ as I walked away). I can’t have been the only one to do it, can I? Anyway, here’s why they were there:

Roman ondak – Good Feelings Good Times



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