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Aaargh…that is the noise I made when I dropped my phone into a full glass of water on the way downstairs this morning.

It is also the name of my new favourite font!

I love it so much, I want it for my brand and for my new logo. Here is how it’s looking so far (current on the left, new one on the right)…progress-sharing-030516

However, life (and design) does not always run smooth. After some early feedback and a second look, there are issues.


One being that my name sounds a bit like the department store, John Lewis. And now it also looks a bit like it. Obviously it’s not the same and their green isn’t my colour but they are similar. I haven’t decided yet if that matters.
If my name was John I would definitely steer clear but it’s not and we’re not in direct competition so I could probably get away with it.

A more pressing issue is that the font I love is lacking an essential element (so early in our relationship!). There’s no £! So, while I still love it, I’m going to hop back over to fontsquirrel (for starters) and see what else is out there.


Here are some other variations I tried on the way. Work in progress…



Crock Pot

To begin with, this post was going to be about getting what you pay for. The pot pictured below is a similar style to a Le Creuset pot but isn’t one. A genuine Le Creuset would be 4 times the price but that’s because they’ve been making kitchenware with care since 1925 and their cast iron pots come with a lifetime guarantee. That’s what you’re paying for. Experience and care.

This supermarket sells it’s own alternative version for those with smaller budgets. That’s fair enough and ordinarily, you might pick up the weighty iron lid and wonder what’s the difference. Where they’ve gone wrong this time is having this one out on display with great chunks of coating missing before it’s even seen a kitchen! What’s worse than it no longer being value for money is that it’s damaging their brand. You can see from the tag that this is Sainsburys but the same would apply in any store. If a product on display appears to be badly made, we lose trust in that brand.

Maybe it was dropped in the last 5 minutes and the staff haven’t noticed yet. I didnt have time to find a member of staff to point it out to or to go back and check on it. I did have time to take a quick snap on my phone though and now I’m sharing it to demonstrate that sometimes, a higher price is worth paying, but also to say take care of your brand. Your reputation is priceless.


Value design

I bought my rhubarb and vanilla body scrub because it smells nice. It wasn’t until it was sitting in my bathroom, half empty, I had a moment of appreciation for the packaging. It caught me by surprise as it’s an own-brand product that only cost £1. Design isn’t normally a major feature of own brands, partly because it’s one of the corners that can be cut but also because they’re purposefully designed to represent ‘value’.

What I like is that they’ve printed the inside back of the container the same colour as the product. That’s it! From a practical perspective, it always looks full and I don’t have a cheap looking plastic tube in my bathroom as I use it. But what really does it for me is that it matches exactly! How much time was spent getting that right or was it a lucky accident? Orange is a difficult colour to match so I might have to try some orange and pomelo to find out!


As a brand, they look nice in the store, too, but there is a minor oversight I hadn’t noticed. While I was looking on google for the design agency (I didn’t find the answer or I’d credit them), I found a tweet by Chris ( who pointed out that ‘some fruits are darker than others’. Even the product photographer struggled with this passionfruit and melon bath foam. Don’t let that put you off though – they still smell nice – and what do you want for a pound! (link below to Wilko online)