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Black. And white.

This has nothing to do with dresses! davidbatchelorsign

This is about an exhibition we happened upon at The Whitechapel Gallery this weekend. It wasn’t the main exhibition (called Adventures of the Black Square which also sounds interesting) but the free exhibition alongside, called ‘Monochrome Archive, 1997-2015’. It’s by scottish artist, David Batchelor and is a series of photographs he calls ‘Found Monochromes’ – white (and black) blank spaces found in Cities he’s in. Watch the video of him talking about how it started and why ( I love this project – it’s an area that interests me – what is art and what isn’t. As he says, “…Is there a boundary between art and non art, or is it always negotiable? Is it always moving and a grey area? I think that’s an interesting place to be.”

If you’re near Aldgate in East London before the 3rd May (2015), do nip in and see it but if you can’t, here’s a link to the Whitechapel Gallery site and to David’s other work:


Blast from the past

I was having a clear out the other day when I found these. There were 2 calendars – one paintings, one drawings – each with 12 birds. There wasn’t a date on them but I think I was about 15 and I made them for my grandparents. I’ve still got the book somewhere I copied them from. I’m quite pleased with myself, especially with the paintings!



An idea you never thought of but totally wish you had

It’s inspiring when you see creativity by others and think ‘wow, that’s good. I wish I’d thought of that’.
I love this video (if the link works)…

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