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It just doesn’t add up

Well it seems nobody is happy with the outcome of the UK 2015 general election, not in the circles I move in anyway.

At least 50% of the uk’s voters must be happy though – the ones who voted for the Conservative Party as they won with a majority. If that’s just the outcome of living in a democracy and I am, in fact, a minority, that’s fair enough, but I still have the right to be represented in parliament.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. There is a call for ‘Proportional Representation’. A friend posted, “Between them, the Greens and UKIP got 16% of the popular vote. If that translated to seats, they’d have 104 in total. They got 2.”

Whatever you think of the other parties, proportional representation must surely be fairer? It might also encourage more people to vote. Remember, it’s not 50+% of the uk that want a conservative government when only 66.1% of the UK voted. It’s 50+% of 66.1%! That leaves a hefty chunk of the population who either disagree, couldn’t vote for practical reasons, don’t think any of the parties have anything to offer or think there’s no point voting because ‘their vote won’t change anything’. I wonder what the outcome would’ve been if voting were compulsory.

I’m sure we’d be closer to a true representation of the UK if more people believed in the system and felt they had some input. There’s a petition below for electoral reform. It’s got to be worth a try.

The petition:

There are some other interesting stats here: