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21 again

Here’s another little repair from my family archive.


This is my mum, sat on my Dad’s lap at her 21st birthday party. I love this photo.

And just for fun, here’s me at college, in a Maidstone cocktail bar, celebrating my 21st birthday. I haven’t got any photos of my actual 21st birthday party but it was a riot! It was in my student house and I had a jelly and ice cream party (in contrast to the grown up cocktails night out!). My room was on the top floor. There were four other bedrooms between me and the bathroom and kitchen at the bottom. I had a bean bag which I carefully hid on top of a cupboard out of harm’s way. Unfortunately, somebody found it and poked their finger into a tiny little gap in one of the seams. The hole got bigger and a few polystyrene balls escaped. Then a few more. Before I knew it, a single mattress with a student on top was surfing down the stairs on a sea of polystyrene beads, all the way to the trifles at the bottom. The next day, after a mammoth clean up, we were spotting the little beads in the streets down in the town centre. Turns out somebody thought it would be fun to put the beads in all the pockets in the coats room too. A few days later, they did have a whip round though and bought me a replacement bag of beads to repair it. Can’t say fairer than that!


For the bottom draw


This is my mum and dad’s engagement party in 1959. In those days, as well as wedding presents, you got gifts on your engagement too, for your bottom draw (a place where valuables are stored, especially the linen, etc., that a ‘woman’ might store in preparation for her marriage). That’s a big drawer to hold all this booty!

These gifts were mostly household items and included towels, a toaster, glassware and an alarm clock. I know for a fact they still use the cutlery that’s behind them on the table and mum says they still have the glass coffee jug and some of the glasses. They celebrated their golden wedding anniversary in 2011.

I showed mum this photo to check some details. She said she loved the retouching but could I just make the tablecloth longer to cover the packaging stored underneath. I said no, but perhaps I will, another day! Here’s the original photo below.


The Suitcase



Here it is – the Suitcase mentioned in my previous post. My Dad says he’s had it since 1949 (those are his initials near the handle). The new (tape) hinges were added in 1995 and are holding out pretty well!

Below, you can see the contents. I was looking for a particular photo of my mum as a child, standing on a chair. We didn’t find it but I came home with an envelope of casualties that need some photoshop love.


the-suitcase-put-backI did say they weren’t in any particular order but they’re even worse now – I could barely fit them back in. Maybe we should have a ‘suitcase weekend’. We’ll pass a handful of photos to mum and dad, they write who, what and where it is on the back, then we’ll lay them out in groups all over the floor until the case is empty. Then we put them all back, in labelled envelopes. It would probably take all weekend!

Or maybe it’s more fun just the way it is!

Good as new…


…well, as new as old can be!

I found this cute pic of one of my cousins in ‘The Suitcase’.  The Suitcase lives at my parents’ house and is full of old family photos. Some order is maintained with a few surviving packets and wallets but there are lots of loose photos too and it’s always fun to look through. Even if there’s something specific we’re looking for, we always allow time to be distracted and to ‘ooh’ and ‘aww’. There’s also something special about handling old photos instead of them all being stuck down in albums. However, it does mean some come with battle scars. That’s good news for me though as I love a retouching challenge.

I’m visiting at the weekend and will have a rummage and see what else I can find to fix. If you’ve got any photos that could do with some tlc, please get in touch ( – I’d love to see them.


photo of the week


Well it’s been a busy weekend of protesting. This photo is by Steve Lewis and is from the spontaneous Don’t Bomb Syria protest in London on Saturday. It really captures the mood – a sea of official and hand made protests held aloft as sombre faces listen to the speakers’ making their point. This pic was my favourite but I also like how he’s framed the two below.



Then on sunday, the climate change march was more colourful and lively. Apparently 50,000 people. There were many great costumes and motivating musicians. I’m just going to add this one as I love the colour. Thanks Steve.


Sometimes we look but don’t see.

I hadn’t really been aware of street photography as a thing until I went to theprintspace’s September First Tuesday. The evening was a presentation by the Street Photography London collective. A talented bunch of photographers with different experiences and careers, who all share a love of capturing frames of interest they see on the streets.

I think I like it because its people watching, something I love to do. Everybody has a story to tell but in most cases, you don’t know what it is, so you make up your own stories about them. That’s what street photographers do – tell stories. It doesn’t matter if they’re true or not (or even if they’ve got people in).

All seven of the collective that presented had a good eye. Being in the right place at the right time isn’t enough. You look at some of the shots and think ‘ooh, that was lucky’ and maybe it was, but they had to be ‘seeing’ and be camera ready to catch it. It was an interesting evening and some good questions were asked (about permissions, equipment, process and morality) and some wise advice given (“Would you like it if it was taken of you? If not, don’t use it”).

There’s plenty of information out there about street photography so I’m not going to repeat it. I’d just like to share my favourite image from each of the seven photographers and leave you with a link to Street Photography London so you can find out more.

Nicholas Goodden - Walk the line -

Nicholas Goodden – Walk the line  Walk the line

Alan Schaller

Alan Schaller –


Gagan Sadana –


Justin Cliffe –


Kin Chan –


Sam Burton –


Walter Rothwell –

Thank you, Nicholas Goodden
Alan Schaller
Gagan Sadana
Justin Cliffe
Kin Chan
Sam Burton and
Walter Rothwell

Thanks for being there for me

Do you know Based in Canada but powered by creative people worldwide, 500px is a photo community for discovering, sharing, buying and selling inspiring photography. I joined recently and I’m loving the updates on ISO, their blog. Last week I was rewarded with this beauty!

Now you know I love a sky, but isn’t this amazing! It’s by weather and environment photographer, Kelly DeLay. I’d like to thank him for being there and capturing this. And 500px too because without them, I wouldn’t have known about Kelly and his amazing work.

Something to look forward to

I had an email this week from theprintspace about the Sony World Photography Awards 2016 (links below).

The awards include different competitions for Professionals, Students (studying photography), Youth (age 12-19) and an Open competition – with 10 categories judged on a single image, open to all.

If this image by Adrian Jaszczak is the quality we can expect, I can’t wait. Unfortunately, I’ll have to as the results aren’t due until April 2016.


Sony World Photography Awards.

Photo of the week

This week’s Photo of the week comes from my mate Gary Seabrook. He’s even written a few words (below pic)


“I took this photo at London’s Winter Wonderland on my iPhone. I’d taken my little girl there the day it opened.
When I saw the Helter Skelter it reminded me of the funfairs on piers at seaside towns that I’d go to with my family when I was a kid. Like my daughter I absolutely loved them. I tried to capture the feeling of childlike wonder and excitement. The spinning, falling, hurling, roller-coasting, sugar-fuelled lunacy of it all. When I look at this shot I can almost smell the weird mixture of candy floss, honey roasted nuts, steam engine fumes and axel grease. I want a massive cuddly toy, now!!
Believe it or not, this image is pretty much as shot. Most of the stuff I put on Instagram is shot with my iPhone 6. I try not to filter my photos to death or play around with them too much. The iPhone 6 has such a fantastic camera that generally you don’t really need to retouch much at all. Maybe some creative cropping, but that’s about it. I like to take photos using various ’natural’ filters. My current favourite is the polarised lens of my Ray Bans. You get some very cool results!
My Instagram account is: garyseabrook
Video Production company;

Photo of the week

Inspired by ‘the jealous curator’ who fills my inbox with beautiful things (link below), I’m going to attempt ‘photo of the week’.

The first is by my friend Ruben. He shares his photos regularly on social media and I always look forward to seeing where he’s been. I like how he sees the world. Look out for more from him…