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Something to look forward to

I had an email this week from theprintspace about the Sony World Photography Awards 2016 (links below).

The awards include different competitions for Professionals, Students (studying photography), Youth (age 12-19) and an Open competition – with 10 categories judged on a single image, open to all.

If this image by Adrian Jaszczak is the quality we can expect, I can’t wait. Unfortunately, I’ll have to as the results aren’t due until April 2016.


Sony World Photography Awards.

Photo of the week

This week’s Photo of the week comes from my mate Gary Seabrook. He’s even written a few words (below pic)


“I took this photo at London’s Winter Wonderland on my iPhone. I’d taken my little girl there the day it opened.
When I saw the Helter Skelter it reminded me of the funfairs on piers at seaside towns that I’d go to with my family when I was a kid. Like my daughter I absolutely loved them. I tried to capture the feeling of childlike wonder and excitement. The spinning, falling, hurling, roller-coasting, sugar-fuelled lunacy of it all. When I look at this shot I can almost smell the weird mixture of candy floss, honey roasted nuts, steam engine fumes and axel grease. I want a massive cuddly toy, now!!
Believe it or not, this image is pretty much as shot. Most of the stuff I put on Instagram is shot with my iPhone 6. I try not to filter my photos to death or play around with them too much. The iPhone 6 has such a fantastic camera that generally you don’t really need to retouch much at all. Maybe some creative cropping, but that’s about it. I like to take photos using various ’natural’ filters. My current favourite is the polarised lens of my Ray Bans. You get some very cool results!
My Instagram account is: garyseabrook
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Photo of the week

Inspired by ‘the jealous curator’ who fills my inbox with beautiful things (link below), I’m going to attempt ‘photo of the week’.

The first is by my friend Ruben. He shares his photos regularly on social media and I always look forward to seeing where he’s been. I like how he sees the world. Look out for more from him…


London traffic

I haven’t posted for a while so there may be a little flurry while I catch up but, for now, here’s another sky. This is from Sunday. A beautiful crisp blue morning with some impressive air traffic graffiti.


A friend had posted a similar image on facebook but it wasn’t until we compared the two, we saw we’d captured the same sky map from different parts of London. I’m glad I’m not the only one who looks up occasionally.

In the mood

weather-260315I love this weather and this light. It never lasts – I only just caught it. The shiny roof was a little brighter a moment before. I could play in photoshop and see if I can enhance the mood – perhaps make it black and white – but that dirty bluey grey cloud is part of it’s beauty. It’s not hi-res enough to do anything with so I might just leave it and enjoy the moment.