He scrubs up well!


Here’s another photo from The Suitcase. I wasn’t going to retouch this one as it’s a bit blurry to begin with, plus it’s very badly scratched, but it’s such a handsome photo of my dad, I thought I’d take on the challenge (original below).

It was taken in ’57 in his RAF barracks in West Germany. He’s all dressed up for a demob party which ended in a nightclub. He thinks he’s still got the waistcoat (which wouldn’t surprise me) as well as the suitcase with wooden strips you see on top of the locker. We’re not sure who the pin-up is – possibly a German film star – but he hadn’t met my mum yet so we’ll let him have that!


If you’ve got any old photos you’d like saving, email jan@janlewiscreative.com


My award winning friends

This time last week, some of my friends and colleagues were recovering from ‘the RADs’ – the recruitment industry awards presented at Grosvenor House in London. Five agencies I freelance with had work in the shortlist so I was following their progress on twitter. I was thrilled to see three of them pick up awards. I was particularly proud of the Havas creative team, Duncan James and Andy Sewell, for the National Offender Management Service campaign which won three awards including Work of the Year. I was especially pleased because Duncan commissioned me to do the comping and retouching! Yay! Well done, boys!

You can see the campaign website here and a summary of the work and the other winners here: rad awards 2016 winners


The Suitcase



Here it is – the Suitcase mentioned in my previous post. My Dad says he’s had it since 1949 (those are his initials near the handle). The new (tape) hinges were added in 1995 and are holding out pretty well!

Below, you can see the contents. I was looking for a particular photo of my mum as a child, standing on a chair. We didn’t find it but I came home with an envelope of casualties that need some photoshop love.


the-suitcase-put-backI did say they weren’t in any particular order but they’re even worse now – I could barely fit them back in. Maybe we should have a ‘suitcase weekend’. We’ll pass a handful of photos to mum and dad, they write who, what and where it is on the back, then we’ll lay them out in groups all over the floor until the case is empty. Then we put them all back, in labelled envelopes. It would probably take all weekend!

Or maybe it’s more fun just the way it is!

Good as new…


…well, as new as old can be!

I found this cute pic of one of my cousins in ‘The Suitcase’.  The Suitcase lives at my parents’ house and is full of old family photos. Some order is maintained with a few surviving packets and wallets but there are lots of loose photos too and it’s always fun to look through. Even if there’s something specific we’re looking for, we always allow time to be distracted and to ‘ooh’ and ‘aww’. There’s also something special about handling old photos instead of them all being stuck down in albums. However, it does mean some come with battle scars. That’s good news for me though as I love a retouching challenge.

I’m visiting at the weekend and will have a rummage and see what else I can find to fix. If you’ve got any photos that could do with some tlc, please get in touch (jan@janlewiscreative.com) – I’d love to see them.


Photo of the week


Kew by Adam Bodini

I haven’t posted for a few weeks. I’ve been waiting for a good seasonal photo and here it is. I found it in my Instagram feed. It’s by Adam Bodini (instagram.com/bodblog/) and it’s from Kew Gardens – #Christmasatkew  – I went a few years ago and it’s quite magical.

I don’t know anything about Adam. His website is currently in development (pakk.co.uk) but it looks interesting and I shall be keeping an eye on it along with his blog.

Here are a couple more festive scenes he captured in West London…


Piccadilly Arcade by Adam Bodini


Regent Street by Adam Bodini


photo of the week


Well it’s been a busy weekend of protesting. This photo is by Steve Lewis and is from the spontaneous Don’t Bomb Syria protest in London on Saturday. It really captures the mood – a sea of official and hand made protests held aloft as sombre faces listen to the speakers’ making their point. This pic was my favourite but I also like how he’s framed the two below.



Then on sunday, the climate change march was more colourful and lively. Apparently 50,000 people. There were many great costumes and motivating musicians. I’m just going to add this one as I love the colour. Thanks Steve.


photo of the week

© lemanshots_september

© lemanshots_september

I’ve been seeing more street photographers lately who often don’t use post production but there’s room in this world for both purists and digital artists. This photo of the week is more painting than photo (like Wozza’s green Thames, 6 weeks ago) and is by Lemanshots – the very talented Josephine, based in Germany. I love the moods she evokes in her digital art. That’s what she calls it, on her blog – https://lemanshots.wordpress.com/. She’s one click away but here are a couple more to tempt you:

© lemanshots_rathausblur

© lemanshots_rathausblur

© lemanshots_perusastrfinish

© lemanshots_perusastrfinish