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Aaargh…that is the noise I made when I dropped my phone into a full glass of water on the way downstairs this morning.

It is also the name of my new favourite font!

I love it so much, I want it for my brand and for my new logo. Here is how it’s looking so far (current on the left, new one on the right)…progress-sharing-030516

However, life (and design) does not always run smooth. After some early feedback and a second look, there are issues.


One being that my name sounds a bit like the department store, John Lewis. And now it also looks a bit like it. Obviously it’s not the same and their green isn’t my colour but they are similar. I haven’t decided yet if that matters.
If my name was John I would definitely steer clear but it’s not and we’re not in direct competition so I could probably get away with it.

A more pressing issue is that the font I love is lacking an essential element (so early in our relationship!). There’s no £! So, while I still love it, I’m going to hop back over to fontsquirrel (for starters) and see what else is out there.


Here are some other variations I tried on the way. Work in progress…



Value design

I bought my rhubarb and vanilla body scrub because it smells nice. It wasn’t until it was sitting in my bathroom, half empty, I had a moment of appreciation for the packaging. It caught me by surprise as it’s an own-brand product that only cost £1. Design isn’t normally a major feature of own brands, partly because it’s one of the corners that can be cut but also because they’re purposefully designed to represent ‘value’.

What I like is that they’ve printed the inside back of the container the same colour as the product. That’s it! From a practical perspective, it always looks full and I don’t have a cheap looking plastic tube in my bathroom as I use it. But what really does it for me is that it matches exactly! How much time was spent getting that right or was it a lucky accident? Orange is a difficult colour to match so I might have to try some orange and pomelo to find out!


As a brand, they look nice in the store, too, but there is a minor oversight I hadn’t noticed. While I was looking on google for the design agency (I didn’t find the answer or I’d credit them), I found a tweet by Chris (https://twitter.com/christof36/status/540916236918747136) who pointed out that ‘some fruits are darker than others’. Even the product photographer struggled with this passionfruit and melon bath foam. Don’t let that put you off though – they still smell nice – and what do you want for a pound! (link below to Wilko online)