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Photo of the week

This week’s Photo of the week comes from my mate Gary Seabrook. He’s even written a few words (below pic)


“I took this photo at London’s Winter Wonderland on my iPhone. I’d taken my little girl there the day it opened.
When I saw the Helter Skelter it reminded me of the funfairs on piers at seaside towns that I’d go to with my family when I was a kid. Like my daughter I absolutely loved them. I tried to capture the feeling of childlike wonder and excitement. The spinning, falling, hurling, roller-coasting, sugar-fuelled lunacy of it all. When I look at this shot I can almost smell the weird mixture of candy floss, honey roasted nuts, steam engine fumes and axel grease. I want a massive cuddly toy, now!!
Believe it or not, this image is pretty much as shot. Most of the stuff I put on Instagram is shot with my iPhone 6. I try not to filter my photos to death or play around with them too much. The iPhone 6 has such a fantastic camera that generally you don’t really need to retouch much at all. Maybe some creative cropping, but that’s about it. I like to take photos using various ’natural’ filters. My current favourite is the polarised lens of my Ray Bans. You get some very cool results!
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