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Bubble beards

I’ll just leave this here for you to click.



Good as new…


…well, as new as old can be!

I found this cute pic of one of my cousins in ‘The Suitcase’.  The Suitcase lives at my parents’ house and is full of old family photos. Some order is maintained with a few surviving packets and wallets but there are lots of loose photos too and it’s always fun to look through. Even if there’s something specific we’re looking for, we always allow time to be distracted and to ‘ooh’ and ‘aww’. There’s also something special about handling old photos instead of them all being stuck down in albums. However, it does mean some come with battle scars. That’s good news for me though as I love a retouching challenge.

I’m visiting at the weekend and will have a rummage and see what else I can find to fix. If you’ve got any photos that could do with some tlc, please get in touch (jan@janlewiscreative.com) – I’d love to see them.


photo of the week

Lorena Turner @ The Photographers Gallery

Lorena Turner @ The Photographers Gallery

So this photo of the week was taken by me but it’s all about Lorena Turner. I saw these at The Photographer’s Gallery “We want more: Image-making and music in the 21st Century” exhibition.  Since Michael Jackson died in 2009, Lorena has documented almost 40 other Michael Jacksons. Comments accompany some of these photos in a book called ‘The Michael Jacksons’. As this snap isn’t doing much for her art, you can find out more about the project at themichaeljacksons.com and more from Lorena at lorenaturner.fotovisura.com

© Lorena Turner

© Lorena Turner