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Macs and Adobe are amazing – the things we can do! But how many of us change our settings?

I was watching a retouching class, full of top tips (CreativeLive – Pratik Naik – brilliant!), but I wanted to share this one because the whole room went ‘oh yeah, why don’t I do that!’

To speed up your photoshop retouching, go to edit/keyboard shortcuts and change the default settings to suit you. Allocate the actions you use the most (heal, clone, zoom, brush, brush size…) to keys close together on the left side of the keyboard, leaving your right hand free to draw (if you’re right handed). Here’s the best bit though. Make one of the keys the rotate command. Yes, you can rotate the canvas. This is the thing nobody was doing! When you’re using strokes to retouch, your hand has a natural arc. Now you can easily rotate the canvas to fit your stroke, not the other way round. And when you’re done, there’s a button at the top to reset it straight. Who knew!