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photo of the week

I found Lee on Twitter (@lfpstreet) and went to leefenningsphotography.co.uk to check out his work. I like it, particularly this one from his ‘colour street’ page.

I like that the only colour comes from the two tfl staff sitting ‘in’ the bus. Lee doesn’t use post production so what you see is what he shot. I asked him about this great catch and he said “The ‘bus etching’ shot was quite interesting as I had taken numerous photographs on the day I travelled out of Victoria and as many again on my return. The shots taken on my return were better with the positioning of the gentlemen more satisfying with a real perception of them being on a bus but in a cartoon-like way…and with the added bonus of them being TFL workers!”

Lee shoots mostly in black and white so there’s plenty more to see (including his Trip 35 shots) here: leefenningsphotography.co.uk