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Thanks for being there for me

Do you know 500px.com? Based in Canada but powered by creative people worldwide, 500px is a photo community for discovering, sharing, buying and selling inspiring photography. I joined recently and I’m loving the updates on ISO, their blog. Last week I was rewarded with this beauty!

Now you know I love a sky, but isn’t this amazing! It’s by weather and environment photographer, Kelly DeLay. I’d like to thank him for being there and capturing this. And 500px too because without them, I wouldn’t have known about Kelly and his amazing work.




In the mood

weather-260315I love this weather and this light. It never lasts – I only just caught it. The shiny roof was a little brighter a moment before. I could play in photoshop and see if I can enhance the mood – perhaps make it black and white – but that dirty bluey grey cloud is part of it’s beauty. It’s not hi-res enough to do anything with so I might just leave it and enjoy the moment.